Sunday, July 23, 2017

Centennial Gold Credit Card

Centennial® Gold Credit Card: The Best Option with Poor Credit Standing

Credit cards are very helpful because it can be used to make purchases for groceries, gas, and other needs that a person has, but a concern in being able to own one may also arise. It would be such a struggle to apply for a credit card especially when one for not have a perfect credit standing like many others. A lot of the great credit card deals are directed towards people who are able to prove that they are very responsible credit card holders. But if a person does not belong to this group of individuals, then they might not be able to acquire the credit card that they wish. Centennial® Gold Credit Card would want to ensure that every person would be able to receive the advantages that can be enjoyed by credit card holders which is why they offer a card that does not require a perfect credit standing.

The struggle of getting a credit card is solved by the Centennial® Gold Credit Card to help build, rebuild, and reestablish a person’s credit history in no time. As long as the credit card holder is able to make minimum payments that are on time and maintain their credit card balance below the limit, one would be able to have an improved credit standing. These are the main requirements that need to be ascertained by the card holder to avoid negative records in the credit bureaus. So despite having a bad credit or a history of bankruptcy, one would be able to own their personalized credit card. The Centennial® Gold Credit Card is also a great credit card option for individuals who do not have an available credit history.

The Centennial® Gold Credit Card can be used to pay for the bills, make purchases, request for travel reservations, and many more. Online account management is also made available so that the credit card holder can track any purchases and transactions easily any time. The management of the account is as quick as the application procedures that can be done online. In a few minutes, any person can already have a credit card account to use and spend in as many merchants worldwide. In order to offer more assistance to the card holder, the annual fee is waived during the first year, which would then be billed at $6.25 each month in the succeeding years of the use of the Centennial® Gold Credit Card.

Despite the many positive offers of Centennial® Gold Credit Card, the annual fee amounting to a total of $75 and the low initial credit limit allocation is found to be a disadvantage. A credit limit increase request may be carried out after a year of the use of the credit card. However, there is a maximum increase of only $100 which is quite low compared to other credit card offers. It also carries a 59.9% APR to ???? cover for the unavailable credit standing of its credit card holders. In contrary to these disadvantages, the Centennial® Gold Credit Card is still the best option to take for a person with poor or no credit standing because there is no need to provide a security fee such as that of secured credit cards. With this credit card, the holder can take advantage of all the other privileges that other credit card owners enjoy.

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