Sunday, July 23, 2017

Horizon Gold Card

Apply now for Horizon Gold Card

Owning a credit card may be the most convenient means of making purchases because it allows shoppers to buy goods without having to pay for it just yet. It can be used to pay for groceries, clothes, food, gas, online shopping, hotels, plane tickets, and so on. Credit cards are considered as life savers of many shoppers not only because it can be used to pay even without cash, but because it eliminates the need for the shopper to carry large amounts of cash. This facility will help ensure the security of the shopper with the help of its protection against unauthorized use. With credit cards, shoppers do not need to go through the tedious processes of getting a loan if they only need a smaller amount of money. And best of all, credit cards provide travelers with the best exchange rates when used in foreign countries. To get the benefits of the credit card, the Horizon Gold Card offers the best services and easiest application procedures.

Other credit card companies would require applicants to painstakingly complete the many documents needed in order to get approved. With the Horizon Gold Card, applicants are guaranteed of the $500 credit limit even with no credit history, bank account, or monthly income proof. The requirements for the application for a Horizon Gold Card would be a valid identification that would prove that the applicant is at least 18 years of age. It also will not restrict applicants with the history of bankruptcy from ?????? applying which gives everybody the opportunity to own their own credit card. To apply for a card, the online application has proved to be the fastest and easiest way. An email will instantly be sent to the applicant to confirm the approval. It will also provide a user name and password that can already be used for online purchases and all other Horizon Gold Card services. Any purchase or payment that will be made will be used to build the credit history as Horizon Gold Card reports to credit bureaus every 30 days.

In using the Horizon Gold Card, a monthly card maintenance fee of $6.00 will be auto-debited from the account. However, in applying for the $24.95 benefits plan, the monthly card maintenance fee will be waived and the card owner will be able to enjoy five special services namely the My Privacy Protection, My Universal Rx, My Roadside Protection, My Legal Assistance, and Courtesy Programs. The My Privacy Program provides unlimited Internet access that the card owner can use to access the account, shop, and pay through the online services. Big discounts are given by the My Universal Rx that covers prescription medications. The My Roadside Protection can give services to drivers and commuters, especially during those unexpected accidents and concerns on the road. Legal needs and consultations can be sought with the help of the My Legal Assistance service. With the Courtesy Programs, card owners can enjoy discounts and free items with the use of the Horizon Gold Card services.

The monthly billing of the Horizon Gold Card will require a minimum payment. Those who can keep the good standing can even receive more benefits as they continue to use their Horizon Gold Card. For any other concerns and requests, the Customer Support hotline can be contacted during office hours from Monday to Friday and at 10 am to 3 pm on Saturdays.

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