Sunday, July 23, 2017

Free Prepaid MasterCard

Today it has become easy to apply for a Free Prepaid MasterCard®

You have tried a lot to get your plastic but you’ve been declined due to your bad credit history. Now there’s the answer to solve your problem: Simply finding the right prepaid credit card, the Net+ free prepaid MasterCard®. It’s a free prepaid credit card that pretty much approve anyone. All you need to apply for these free prepaid plastic is a number of personal and financial information and within minutes you can make your application for your free prepaid MasterCard® and your plastic and PIN will arrive after few days.

Net+ Prepaid Mastercard Card for You

There are two free options you can apply for, the prepaid one and the virtual prepaid one.

The Net+ Prepaid MasterCard® is a plastic money card which comes in chip and PIN technology for enhanced security and allows you to withdraw money instantly at ATMs all over the world.

The Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard® is the best option to choose for Internet shopping. Each time you want to use it you will generate a one-time number for secure online shopping. There are no monthly fees and no point-of-sale transaction fee

Probably one of best Prepaid Credit Cards at a Glance

  • Apply for your free prepaid cards online
    There is no application fee and no monthly or annual fee, plus, free point-of-sale transactions. There are eight currencies to choose from. Simply pick the currency that will work best for you. There’s one more benefit, the currency you’ve chosen doesn’t need to be the same as your account.
  • Automatic pre-loading the pre paid credit cards
    All you have to do is deposit money into your account and you’re ready to use it anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. You are always able to control your spending. Only reload funds into your card account. It’s impossible to accumulate debt.
  • Prepaid cards for instant cash withdrawals – accepted worldwide
    You can use the card at National and International ATMs to withdraw money from your card account.
    Plus, you can use it to make your payment for items at over 26 million retail point-of-sale locations worldwide or on the Internet anywhere who accept MasterCard®.
    The ATM charge per withdrawal is $6.
    Foreign Exchange (at ATM or POS) is 2.95%.
  • The prepaid plastic comes in chip and PIN technology
    The embedded microchip in the card works with a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) to protect your money against fraud.

Apply now for your Free Prepaid MasterCard®

With no application or monthly fees, these free prepaid Mastercards are your financial firewall giving you an additional level of convenience and security. Linked to your card account, Net+ free prepaid Mastercard cards give you instant access to your money no matter you’re online or offline.

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