Sunday, July 23, 2017

Orchard Bank Visa Card

Applying for the Orchard Bank Visa Card

The use of credit cards tend to be a worry for many people because of the fees that they need regularly. It is a common knowledge that credit cards require payments for monthly minimum dues and the annual charges to continue the use of the card for the next year. Because of all these, people try to avoid utilizing their credit card or even just applying for one. At the end of this, some people are not able to ???? build their credit history making it difficult for them to apply for loan and grants later on in life. The goal of Orchard Bank Visa Card is to match a credit card that would best fit a person’s credit profile. With all the information collected upon application, the person will be given the possible credit features that would suit their capacity and credit history making it easier to manage through the years.

The ease of payments with the Orchard Bank Visa Card is topped with the minimal $29 to $59 annual fee which is waived during the first year of card usage depending on the type of credit acquired. The credit worthiness of the applicant is always considered in every service provided. But overall, even the purchase and balance transfer APRs are only 7.90% which is considered the lowest fees compared to other credit cards. There is also no processing fee required even if the credit history of the applicant is not acceptable in other banks. For those who have no credit at all or have a bad credit history, a minimum of $200 security deposit is required.

The type of Orchard Bank Visa Card credit is determined when the person provides the information needed for the application. There is an option to apply online or through the telephone hotline of Orchard Bank. The representative would be able to answer inquiries and concerns about their card and the procedures during the application or when using the credit card. Any concerns and conditions about the credit card type are discussed and clarified with the credit card owner to ensure that all terms will be met and understood clearly.

With the Orchard Bank Visa Card, the card owner can now make purchases from retail stores, online, and telephone transactions. This card may also be used to pay for bills and utilities, rent, airline tickets, reservations, and gas. As long as the establishment receives Visa payments, this card can be utilized. The card owner do not have to worry about the fees because of the very minimal charges that are applied to all Orchard Bank Visa Card accounts.

Also, Orchard Bank works in partnership with the world leader in banking, HSBC, which helps make its account holders feel secured. The Orchard Bank Visa Card ensures that all transactions being made is reported to three major credit bureaus to help the card owners build their credit history which they would surely need in the future. A good credit standing will help people in their future financial needs that concerns other banks and government transactions. Every month, the transactions of the card owner are reported to the credit bureau allowing the consistent and constant movement of the credit history. However, it is important to keep the balances of the credit card in within acceptable limits and the dues are paid religiously and on time.

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