Sunday, July 23, 2017

Find The Right Place To Get Prepaid Credit Cards

Nowadays finding the right place to get prepaid credit cards also known as reloadable credit cards are becoming more and more popular even though calling a card that you have to pay money onto up front a credit card is perhaps something delusive. Prepaid or reloadable credit cards are similar to debit cards. To take usage of the card, you must first load money onto these card via direct deposit or a transfer of money from a bank before you can spend it. Every time you use the card, the amount of your purchase is deducted from the balance. It’s not possible go into debt on the card, because you can’t actually use credit at any point. To return people with credit problems to mainstream financial freedom, for this reason many banks & companies offering these type of credit cards helping them make use of the opportunities available to credit card holders. Place to get prepaid credit cards can be found online.

Prepaid credit cards can be used similar to debt cards, they look like any other recognizable credit card with one important exclusion, they are stored value cards that have to be pre-funded. Having a prepaid credit card needs you to load funds on your card, which then allows you to make regular purchases, as with a common credit card and get cash from ATMs since you are not borrowing money from a bank or other financial institutions. There are also prepaid credit cards for students, prepaid credit cards for teenagers and virtual prepaid credit cards available that can become a good alternative to usual credit cards.

With prepaid or reloadable credit cards you can be assured of acceptance and there is no interest charged on purchases made, however the fees for certain transactions can be high. Most of the prepaid credit cards have fees associated with them that may rival fees for credit cards issued to card holders with low credit scores. The advantages is in having branded prepaid Visa credit cards accepted the world over with the same benefits as a traditional card. Several banks also bring out a debit card branded by Visa or MasterCard, but as a debit card it may not be accepted at some locations or merchants.

Be careful with your decision on which prepaid credit cards to sign up with and on some of them you need to be positive before getting them as they have a cancellation fee involved with closing the account. There are some free prepaid credit cards but most have a monthly service fee, which you will have to calculate into the total cost of taking the card.

In general, prepaid credit cards are one of the many financing options out there to people with less than perfect credit. This special type of credit card allows for the full functionality and range of card use as a usual unsecured credit card, but needs that the card holder make deposits as the funds are used up.

Check Out This Special List of Prepaid Reloadable Credit Cards:

Silver Prepaid MasterCard Card at a Glance

Silver Prepaid MasterCard card application
  • No Credit Check or ChexSystems Check
  • Guaranteed Approval – No Activation Fee!
  • The Perfect Card for Government/Benefits Checks Recipients – Free Direct Deposit of your Pay or Government Check
  • Free unlimited Purchase Transactions anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted
  • Free Account Alerts through eMail, SMS or Text Messages
  • International use through Millions of ATM locations worldwide

Account Now Gold Visa® Prepaid Card at a Glance

Account Now Gold Visa® Prepaid Card - Apply Now
  • Get the Power of Prepaid Visa Card including Prestige of Gold!
  • No Minimum Balance – No Overdraft Fees- No Credit Check!
  • Free Bill Pay – Free Direct Deposit!
  • No Monthly Fee – Up to $10,000 Balance Limit!
  • Direct Deposit with Exclusive VIP Customer Service!

Vision Premier Prepaid Credit Card at a Glance

Get a Vision Premier Visa Prepaid Credit Card
  • Guaranteed Approval – Only valid ID needed, No Credit Checks!
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Pay all your bills online with established major providers or cut a check to anyone.
  • Free unlimited purchase transactions
  • Free account alerts via eMail, SMS or text messages
  • Low weekly fee’s or free with Direct Deposit

Prepaid Visa RUSHCARD at a Glance

Diamond Card - free  prepaid credit card
  • No Credit Check required – Guaranteed Approval!
  • Online Bill Pay, Free Paycheck, Benefits check, Tax refund Direct Deposit
  • Free Credit Builder to improve or rebuild your Credit
  • Free Account Text Alerts
  • Free Interactive Money Management Interface
  • Worldwide Accepted worldwide to make everyday purchases, shop online, pay bills, or to withdraw cash, – anywhere Visa Cards are accepted.

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