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Prepaid Credit Cards UK

Tips and Advice to Find Prepaid Credit Cards UK

In general Prepaid Credit Cards UK are for people with bad credit history. Prepaid Credit Cards are a great choice when it comes to shopping online and to spend for any purchases or services. Prepaid credit cards are basically prepaid debit cards which allow you to deposit funds into your account to use with your card. If the money is running out prepaid credit cards will stop working. Use the guide to prepaid cards below to find the right prepaid credit cards UK for you!

The United Kingdom is strict when it comes to credit card applications. The easiest cards to apply for are prepaid credit cards UK. You can now have several choices of a prepaid Visa credit cards or prepaid cards by Mastercard.

This type of plastic is now available in UK through several prepaid reloadable MasterCard and prepaid Visa cards unlike before wherein prepaid credit cards were only available in the US.

If you have a bad credit history, you will definitely have a hard time applying for plastic. As for those with no credit history yet, it will be better to start off with one without the risk of getting in debt. For the younger people who would like to have plastic, I would suggest that you choose a prepaid credit card that because it could start you off as a responsible credit card owner. Choose one that could help you build the habit of organizing your spending habits.

Because people got used to spending and having their purchasing transactions via credit cards, some are still used to spending more than the money that they have or what they can only afford.

If you are a first time applicant and you chose UK’s prepaid credit cards, it won’t be that hard for you to get used to its concept. There are many choices in terms of brand for a prepaid credit card in UK. These prepaid credit cards can be bought at a low cost.

When using your plastic, it is almost equivalent to making purchases via cash. You are already using your own money to pay for it. You would need to load your card first before you can use it. You may then only use it for transactions within the amount of your pre-loaded plastic. Don’t wait for your card’s balance to be insufficient before reloading it so that you can be sure that in times of emergency, you would still have enough balance to use your plastic.

If you are thinking of going for this type of card because you have a bad credit history, it may be hard at first to get accustomed the difference of the limitations in how to use your prepaid credit card to an ordinary piece of plastic.

In an ordinary credit card, you are technically making a loan every time you use it and then you would need to pay for it every end of the month. As for a prepaid one, you do not need to pay for what you purchased at the end of the month because you already paid for it on the moment you swiped your card. This will help you have the discipline of spending only for things that you can pay for.

A prepaid credit card is in no way like a secured credit card, which requires you to deposit a certain amount which usually is equivalent to your credit limit or a percentage of it. You may not use that money. It just acts like collateral. Prepaid credit cards UK on the other hand lets you use all the money that you have loaded to your account.

Amongst the several Prepaid Credit Cards UK, you should go for the one that suits your personal needs. The Net+ free prepaid MasterCard is truly one of the best prepaid credit cards UK you can get. There’s no application fee or monthly fees, plus, they offer free point-of-sale transactions and don’t charge dormancy fees.

Net+ free prepaid MasterCard® credit card at a Glance:

Net+ – Free Prepaid MasterCard®

Net+ free prepaid credit cards UK
  • There’s No Application Fee and No Monthly Fee
    Plus, No transaction fee! Free point-of-sale transactions.
  • Your Approval is Guaranteed
    Get your card delivered to your home without paying one dime!
  • Control Your Spending Habits
    You can only spend the money in your account. Not possible to accumulate debt – No overdraft fees or minimum balances.
  • Automatic Pre-loading
    You only have to deposit money into your card and you’re ready to use it anywhere MasterCard credit cards are accepted.
  • Instant cash withdrawal
    Use the card at ATMs to withdraw money from your account.
  • Choose From Eight Currencies
    Check out the currency that will work best for you.
  • Chip and PIN Technology
    The embedded microchip in the prepaid card works with a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) to protect against fraud.
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