Sunday, July 23, 2017

AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard

Benefits of Having AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®

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Everything in the world has been made easy with the help of the Internet. This technology has made it especially accessible for people to achieve their desires in the fastest and most efficient means. Including the conveniences of technology with banking would be something that every single person could benefit from. Imagine being able to pay for all purchases, utilities, and bills in the comfort of one’s home, there would be a lot of individuals who would long for this service. AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard® works just like an online checking account that can ensure that your money is safer than carrying around cold cash. The AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard® is very similar to debit cards but can provide its card holders with more features.

In acquiring an AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®, individuals can make purchases and even withdraw cash from the ATM without having to worry about spending more than they could pay for. This is often the problem of people with credit cards. Individuals tend to spend and extend the purchases they make with money that they do not have because of the credit card offerings. It may seem advantageous because shoppers are able to buy what they want, but in the long run, the high fees and charges are not attractive. With the AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®, this would never be the case because there are no fees to be collected and best of all, card holders are only spending the money that they have deposited into the account. Imagine the hundreds of dollars that can be saved each year when there are no finance charges, late surcharges, and annual fees to be paid with the help of an AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®.

This prepaid MasterCard is the safest way to purchase and pay for bills because individuals do not need to carry cash when shopping. Whether shopping online or at the malls, the AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard® is accepted at any establishment that accepts MasterCard. Also, when money is stolen it would be very difficult to retrieve. In the same way, losing a credit card may also post risks of having unauthorized use before you are able to report the loss. The MasterCard Zero Liability that powers AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard® protects all its card holders from theft and unauthorized use.

In addition to keeping the user’s money safe and budget within the limit, AccountNow® also allows account holders to build their credit history by paying bills through the Internet that is free of charge and a definite time saver. This way would help card holders in applying for future grants and loans for business, home, and other purposes with other institutions and the government.

In applying for an AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®, you will get to enjoy a 100% guarantee of approval as long as your valid identification is presented. You do not need to worry about a bad credit history because the AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard® will never ask for credit and bank history checking. Every individual who would want to take the chance to save money, improve financial capacity, and keep their money safe can receive an AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®.

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