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Apply for Prepaid Credit Cards

Reasons to Apply for Prepaid Credit Cards

Nowadays people don’t bring cash anymore anywhere they go whether they go shopping, dine, or when they travel and more. The use of credit cards is very convenient since you carry less cash thus you are safe too. But then again having your own credit card entails a lot of responsibility. You have to be wise in spending and you have to have the temperance to control your spending or you will overspend. That is why others are not ready for such responsibility that they refuse to own a credit card.

There are of course other options for people who don’t want the responsibility of having a traditional credit card. There are prepaid credit cards available for those people who do not want the traditional plastic cards. The advantage of having a traditional card is the payment option but if you fail to pay too on its due time, it will have long term effects of your credit record. That is why for those who are wise spenders, credit cards can be a blessing but for those who are not will find themselves deep in debt afterwards will think of it as a curse.

Having Bad Credit Record

Why is an individual being rejected by a card company? It is because they have a bad credit record. This is caused by many things but the most common cause so far are unpaid or late payments of loans from other financial institutions or you have several open credit accounts that you have in your name. No matter what the reason is, it will be impossible to get a credit card having a bad credit score. And who has time to wait for credit repair services to fix their credit? This is where the prepaid credit cards are most handy and useful.

Prepaid Credit Cards

A Prepaid card account is actually a bank account where you can make deposits. Once you have that account you will be issued a card that can be used just like any traditional credit cards. The only difference is when you are using your prepaid credit card for any purchases the money will come out of your account. So you can only use the card when it is funded. This definitely helps you to stay out of debt.

Benefits of Prepaid Credit Cards

One of the benefits of having prepaid cards is that you don’t have to worry of paying any interest since you are purchasing everything in cash. There is no more debt to pay and no monthly statements or extra fees to pay. This is one way of getting your finances under control since you will be more careful when spending. You can really budget your money and not overspend on things that are not really important. This can be your training ground before applying for the traditional credit cards.

The prepaid credit card gives you the power to purchase items both online and in the traditional market places. It works like a credit card when you shop or rent a car or reserve a hotel room. This is indeed very convenient and you don’t even have to worry for you don’t pay any debts since all is paid for direct from your own account.

Application for such cards is easy and you can even do it online. Check out the best prepaid credit card offers and you can choose whether you want to have a Visa Card or MasterCard prepaid credit card. These are the most common used credit cards worldwide.

Check out the Best Prepaid Credit Cards available Today:

Prepaid Visa RUSHCARD

get prepaid credit card Diamond Card
  • No Credit Check needed – Your Approval is Guaranteed!
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Free Paycheck, Benefits check, Tax refund Direct Deposit
  • Free Credit Builder to regain your Credit
  • Free Account Text Alerts
  • FREE Interactive Money Management Interface
  • Accepted in all countries at millions of locations worldwide – to make your purchases everyday, online shopping, pay your bills, or to withdraw cash, – at any place Visa Cards are accepted.

Vision Premier Prepaid Credit Card

Apply for Vision Premier Visa Prepaid Credit Card
  • No Credit Checks – Guaranteed Approval! Only valid ID needed
  • Use free Direct Deposit to add cash easy or make use of one of the many retail locations, such as Ace Cash Express, Money Gram Express Payment, Western Union and more.
  • Online Bill Pay Pay all your bills online with established major providers or cut a check to anyone.
  • Unlimited free purchase transactions
  • Get free account alerts via eMail, SMS or text messages
  • Use millions of ATM locations around the world
  • Low weekly fee’s or free with Direct Deposit

Silver Prepaid MasterCard Card

Apply for Silver Prepaid MasterCard card
  • Guaranteed Approval!
  • No Credit Check, no ChexSystems, no Activation Fee!Check
  • Free Direct Deposit of any Pay or Government Check
  • The Perfect Prepaid Credit Card for Government/Benefits Checks Recipients
  • Free Account Alerts via eMail, SMS or Text Messages
  • Unlimited free Purchase Transactions anywhere where MasterCard Debit Card is accepted
  • Millions of ATM locations for International use

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