Sunday, July 23, 2017

Exact Prepaid MasterCard

Why to Apply for the Exact Prepaid MasterCard

Managing your finances can be a troublesome task because of the need to deposit and withdraw money from time to time. In depositing cash, people need to visit the bank and wait in line, while withdrawals would require some charges to be paid. Using a credit card would most likely be more difficult to maintain because of the additional charges that would leave a person in debt. With the Exact Prepaid MasterCard, anybody can manage their money in the easiest and most cost effective means. There would be no need for a card holder to visit any bank, pay monthly fees, and worry about interest rates. The Exact Prepaid MasterCard may be used as good as cash at any establishment that accepts MasterCard.

The Exact Prepaid MasterCard offers a guaranteed approval with no need for credit check or bank account history. Upon the application, the name and address is required. Verification will be done to ensure that the card holder is at least 18 years old and above. Within 7 to 10 business days, the card will be mailed to the address provided. A one-time activation fee is required which will be deducted from the first loading into the card. Upon receipt of the card and reloading of cash, the card holder can already make any transactions at any retail stores that receive MasterCard.

The card holder can enjoy no interest and late fees when using their Exact Prepaid MasterCard to pay bills, shop, and get cash from ATMs. They could also enjoy the convenience offered by the free direct deposit. This feature will allow card holders to deposit their payroll, dividends, disability, and government checks directly into their Exact Prepaid MasterCard without any charge.

In contrary to the services offered by the credit card, the Exact Prepaid MasterCard will ensure the user that every expenditure made is within the budget because there are no advance payments being made. The card holder will only be spending the amount deposited into the Prepaid MasterCard. This would surely free the card holder from any fees and charges that are incurred in using their credit cards. Also, the Exact Prepaid MasterCard keeps one’s money safe because there is no need to carry cash in shopping and in paying for gas.

In case of a lack of funds, the card holder can instantly reload their prepaid MasterCard online or through thousands of locations such as Payzone, Money Gram, and Western Union partners. Other than getting money from direct deposit, there are also accessible reloading stations across the country where card holders can add value to their Exact Prepaid MasterCard at any time. This would load the money into the prepaid card in minutes. Bank wire transfers may also be done in sending money to the Prepaid MasterCard.

Every adjustment, whether payment or reloading, is sent through mobile and email alerts ensuring the user of all the transactions made. An online account management program may also be used by any card holder whenever they need to access their funds online. This feature would help the card holders determine the transactions being made to ensure that they are able to fit every expenditure within their monthly budget. In case there is a need for any assistance, the customer service lines are always open online or through the toll free number.

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