Sunday, July 23, 2017

GreenDot Gold PrePaid Visa Card

Benefits of having a Green Dot® Gold PrePaid Visa® Card

Many individuals find it difficult to maintain a credit card account because of the monthly fees and overdraft charges that need to be paid every month. The thing that credit card holders dread even more is the fact that they need to pay these fees on time to guarantee that they would not incur late charges that might pile up month after month. It is a definite fact that almost every individual would need a banking account to be able to make purchases because it would be risky to carry along a big amount of money. In order for an individual to enjoy the safety and convenience that credit cards provide for any purchase made without the monthly bills, he or she can apply for a Green Dot® Gold PrePaid Visa®. This is a service that provides its users with a debit card that is personalized with their name that can be used for any purchase, payment, or encashment through the ATM.

To get a Green Dot® Gold PrePaid Visa®, one may choose from two options. First, individuals may visit the participating retailers of Green Dot Cards to buy a prepaid Visa card with a pre-loaded amount. Another option is to order the card through the website. When the prepaid credit card is received, the card holder can now activate the card online or through the hotline for free. Originally, there is an activation fee being offered, but this is now being waived once the necessary information about the card holder is provided.

With the simple activation, the card holder can now deposit or load money into the Green Dot® Gold PrePaid Visa® through Direct Deposit, purchasing from retail partners, or money transfers. The card can already be used to shop online, through phone, or in malls and groceries. Bills may also be paid through the online portal, as well as the rent and other necessities. If there is a need for cash, card holders are able to enjoy free cash withdrawals at participating ATMs. Individuals will be able to enjoy freedom from the overdraft and penalty fees that credit cards used to impose. There are also no transaction fees when purchasing from the United States area.

There are minimal monthly fees that need to be paid which will instantly be deducted from the card balance. However, these fees may be waived if the card holder will be able to load or deposit a specific amount or make at least thirty purchases each month. Reloading money can be done at any time so that there is no need to bring cash along. Without the penalty fees and no minimum balance requirement, the Green Dot® Gold PrePaid Visa® card holder is able to budget his or her expenses ultimately. Any purchase being made will only be deducted from the amount of money being deposited or loaded into the card, which also means that the card holder will not get into the trouble of spending beyond one’s means.

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