Sunday, July 23, 2017

iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card

Why to Apply for iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card

If budgeting the money that a person earns every month is a challenging task to fulfill, finding the right prepaid card can be the answer to the problem. The iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card will help people budget their money each month because they will only be spending the funds available in their account. This means that the card holder will never experience the going into debt since there are no overdraft fees or advance purchases that can be made. And best of all, the services that iBankUp offers are at the lowest possible rates.

The iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card applicants would not need to worry about having a poor or no credit because a guaranteed approval is offered to anyone. This program will help each person effectively manage their money but still have the freedom to shop anywhere they want at any time of the day because there are millions BlueHost??? of establishments that accept Visa online, through phone, and in stores. Cash withdrawal is also possible with the iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card through the thousands of ATM terminals. However, there is a maximum amount of $200 for single withdrawals. Card holders may also withdraw as much as $500 within a 24-hour period.

A guaranteed protection is also provided for all card holders because they are the only ones authorized to use the card. Unauthorized use can easily be detected because of the PIN that should only be inputted by the card holder. The loss of card should always be posted to the customer service hotline to ensure that the amount loaded into the iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card is kept intact and protected from theft. A new card may be requested at a minimum replacement fee with the existing amount intact.

To deposit money into the iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card, card holders can choose from various services that may be most convenient for them. The iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card can be reloaded by visiting merchants and bank transfers. The Green Dot MoneyPacks may be bought from various retailers to load cash into the iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card. Direct Deposit may also be utilized in order to receive salary, government checks, or allowances from loved ones instantly. The service of Direct Deposit can be availed by card holders without any additional costs.

The iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card also provide various services with the minimal costs. Optional check issuance may be enjoyed for free when requested through the online service. The iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card also frees card holders from purchase and annual fees unlike other credit and prepaid card providers. There is no fee requirement for card inactivity. However, there is a regular monthly maintenance fee of $2.99, which may be availed at a discounted amount of $0.99 when loaded with a minimum amount of $500.00 each month.

Because of the minimal amount of fees that the iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card have, a lot of people can get to enjoy the services and manage their money responsibly at the same time. Balance checking and money transfers may all be performed through the website to ensure that the card holder is able to budget the money well. The online service will also help the iBankUp Visa Prepaid Card holder take note of the available balance in the card before making any purchase, payment, or money transfer.

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