Sunday, July 23, 2017

MasterCard Prepaid Credit Card

Going with Silver MasterCard Prepaid Credit Card:

Finally, here is a MasterCard prepaid credit card which allows less money to be spent on it without compromising on its acceptability and accessibility. The Silver MasterCard Prepaid Credit CardGet Your Silver MasterCard prepaid credit card has all the conveniences that a high-end credit card has to offer but without the pit falls of credit and the burdens of maintenance/transaction fees, so now you can put all your worries of credit-surveillance to rest and add-on expenditure that comes from conventional credit cards.

Working Strategy of the Silver MasterCard Prepaid Credit Card:

Because this prepaid Mastercard is a reloadable credit card it’s very simple and easy; you just deposit money into your account and use your given card for paying bills in person while shopping, over the phone or on online shopping sites. You can also use this card to withdraw cash from any authorized ATM’s from anywhere. When your balance diminishes and you need more money, just go ahead and make another deposit into the given account, and you will have the amount you need ready for your disposal at anytime.

Depositing Money:

The simplest way is to deposit your pay-check into your account. Even Government issued checks can be deposited into your Silver Prepaid MasterCard account. The best thing about this apart from the feasibility is that there is no fee charged for deposits done by card-holders. Furthermore, there are the options of depositing money through a wire transaction and PayPal and even that is done free of cost. Deposits can be made at any of the 10,000 retail locations depending on your current location and convenience.

Getting Started:

All the lengthy paperwork is cut short while applying for this card, all you need to do is simply verify your identification by providing basic personal information like name, birth-date and address or other details that asked for. Even approval procedure is not required, and hence you get your Silver Prepaid MasterCard as soon as you register for it. It will be couriered in your given address.

Account Fees:

The only charges you will have to pay is the activation fees, and even that will be reimbursed via a mail-in rebate. Services such as transactions, over-draft protection and balance enquiry which are usually charged for in a conventional credit card are free for card-holders. This way you end up saving quite a chunk of money that would otherwise be spent on service charges and taxes.

Account Management:

Keeping an eye on your money is now easier than ever. Online access to your account information is always at your disposal for free. You can sign-up for free e-mail and text reminders and the updates that alarm you about the expenses. There is also a toll-free dial-in service with automated voice response system which informs you about your card status. It is accepted in all business centers, online shopping sites and over the phone, so no more writing out checks. With no extra fees and accessibility, these services are worth availing as they help you stay put on your budget. Moreover there are no hidden charges on this card.

So here it is, the Silver MasterCard Prepaid Credit CardApply now for your MasterCard prepaid credit card which lets you spend on you and save on its services.

Silver Prepaid MasterCard Card at a Glance

Silver Prepaid MasterCard card application
  • No Credit Check or ChexSystems Check
  • Guaranteed Approval – No Activation Fee!
  • The Perfect Card for Government/Benefits Checks Recipients – Free Direct Deposit of your Pay or Government Check
  • Free unlimited Purchase Transactions anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted
  • Free Account Alerts through eMail, SMS or Text Messages
  • International use through Millions of ATM locations worldwide
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