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Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard

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Everyday, people spend their hard earned money on the needs and desires regardless of where in the world they are living. People work in order to achieve all the things that their physical body needs but it is also important to give emphasis in getting what people want. The convenience of being able to shop for all these may be answered by the use of credit cards, especially when there is a need to purchase more expensive items, because it frees a person from carrying along a very large sum of money. In addition, the ability to purchase in an instant with the capacity to pay for these in installment would make a great opportunity for anybody to take advantage of. However, credit card use also has a lot of set backs which include the possibility to become too much at debt.

The MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard® provides everyone with the advantages of credit card use but without the disadvantages that credit cards may bring.

What is the MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard®

A MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard is a reloadable card that can be used to make any means of shopping and spending. The card will contain an amount that the owner has loaded or linked based on the balance found in the bank account. With money loaded in the card, the owner can already start shopping where ever MasterCard cards are accepted locally or worldwide.

It may also be used to pay for online purchases and reservations through the telephone services. The exclusive offers also await card owners which includes special perks, minimal foreign transaction charges, and many more. It works very similar to the services of credit cards without the troubles of having to pay for monthly fees and annual charges.

MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard Card Benefits

Other than just using the MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard to pay for products and services, it can also be used to withdraw cash from any of the millions of ATM’s around the world whenever the card owner is short for cash. With the very minimal charges in sending and receiving money anywhere, a person can make use their MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard to the fullest.

It can also be a helpful tool in sending money to family where ever they may be allowing the card owner able to manage their monthly budget fully. Security will never be a problem with this card, too, because of the chip and PIN security making you know that your money is kept safe where ever you may be and how ever you would wish to use your MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard.

Since this is a prepaid credit card, there are no monthly fees that need to be paid. Card owners would also feel very thankful that they would never be able to experience the interest and late payment fees that most credit card providers require. Due to this, the MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard owner avoids accumulating the debt and risk their credit standing in bureaus which could affect one’s future needs.

All these would be made possible with simply taking a few minutes to sign up online for a free MoneyBookers eWallet. Upon loading a €10 or an equivalent in USD or another currency and the presentation of an accurate personal information, the personalized MoneyBookers Prepaid MasterCard will be delivered to the preferred address of the card owner. There is no need to present any bank account information because the card owner can also opt for money transfers and deposits.

Moneybookers is one of the largest online payments systems in Europe and among the world’s leading eWallet providers, with over 15 million account holders. The Free Moneybookers eWallet account, that comes with your card, offers you:

  • Low-cost international money transfers: send and receive money in over 200 countries and territories worldwide
  • Pay online at over 70,000 online shops and use anywhere the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed without revealing your financial details
  • Access to get great deals offered exclusively to Moneybookers customers

What are the Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard® Costs

Name of the Credit Card  Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard®
Credit Card Issuer  Moneybookers Ltd, London, UK
Application:  >>> Apply Now: Moneybookers prepaid MasterCard®!
Annual Card Membership  10,- EUR
Minimum Age  18 years
Cash Withdrawal Limit  250,- EUR per day
Limit Paying in Shops, Restaurants or Online  Limit: 1.000,- EUR per day
Limit Account  depending on your personal eWallet Account *
What it costs to use the Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard®:
Cash withdrawal  1,80 EUR
Paying in Shops, Restaurants or Online  FREE
Foreign Exchange  1,99 %
Upload Funds onto Your Card:
Bank transfer top-up  FREE
per DIRECTebanking  FREE
per Maestro / Solo  FREE
Cheque  FREE
Credit Card  1,9%
Application:  >>> Apply Now: Moneybookers MasterCard®!

* Note: Limits are subject to change depending on your account status. If your Moneybookers account is not in Euro, all fees and limits will be converted accordingly.

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