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Prepaid Visa RushCard

The Way of Prepaid Visa RushCard – Debt Free and Happy

RushCard Prepaid Credit Cards

Credit cards are considered a boon for some and a bane for many. On one hand, the smooth plastic card is seen as a ticket into a world of convenience and financial freedom, making bringing cash passé and obsolete and opening up new shopping possibilities which the uninitiated can only dream about. On the other hand, credit cards also conjure nightmares of a vicious cycle of debt and high interest fees, leading some to bankruptcy and turning the credit card into a false messiah to many of the path to financial freedom.

There are alternatives to credit cards, traditional methods include paying cold cash or with a check, for example. However, smarter and savvier individuals opt to use debit cards, which have the same convenience as the credit card, without the stigma of debt. With a debit card, you can only use what you place into the card, providing you with a safety net from overspending while providing you with the same worldwide reach as a credit card. However, not all debit cards are created equal. Most offer only you standard features such as the Visa logo – which is also what empowers a lot of cards. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a card that goes beyond convenience and into the realm of money management like the RushCard prepaid credit cards.

A prepaid Visa debit card, RushCard was among the pioneers in the debit card industry and has carved itself a niche and a name by offering more than just a card, but rather, a tool for financial freedom and financial empowerment. This is achieved through a plethora of innovative services such as free online tools for budget planning and to review spending and the RushPath to Credit which allows you to build a good credit rating by paying your bills online. The RushCard also allows you to check your balance information anytime, anywhere, online or via your mobile phone.

In line with its goal of helping you achieve financial freedom, RushCard provides users with a unified platform for all their money needs offering the cardholder plenty of options for depositing money, bills payment and funds transfer. As the first to allow Direct Deposit to a prepaid debit card, the RushCard may be used not only for savings but also as the recipient of your payroll, tax refunds and government benefits. Deposits are also not limited to bank counters or direct deposit, you may place money into your RushCard several ways including via Western Union, Moneygram and even Paypal. For those seeking to pay their bills, Rush Bills Pay provides a one-stop platform incorporating not only online bills payment but also giving the cardholder the capability to write checks and have them sent to the payees, another first in the industry for prepaid Visa debit cards.

As a Visa Card, RushCard prepaid credit cardPrepaid Visa RushCard - Apply Now! is guaranteed to be safe and secure. It is protected by Visa’s Zero liability program, which prevents the card from being used in POS or Internet terminals if your card is lost or stolen. You are further protected by RushCards own advanced antifraud system, in effect providing you with a safer alternative to bringing cash around.

A goal of financial empowerment is not an easy one to make. But with the superior tools and features of the Prepaid Visa RushCard, you certainly have the power to take your financial future in your hands and ensure financial freedom for yourself by helping you become debt-free and happy.

Check out the many benefits and apply online now for the RushCard prepaid credit card:

Prepaid Visa RushCard

Free Diamond Card Activation
  • Your Approval is Guaranteed!
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Free Paycheck, Benefits check, Tax refund Direct Deposit
  • Free Credit Builder
  • Free Account Text Alerts
  • FREE Interactive Money Management Interface
  • Accepted worldwide
    withdraw cash, make everyday purchases, shop online, or pay bills at millions of locations worldwide – anywhere Visa is accepted.
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