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Prepay Credit Card

Vision Premier Visa Prepay Credit Card

Visa Prepay Credit Card

The most convenient way to make payments is now here, Probably one of the best prepaid credit card you can get is the Vision Premier Visa Prepay Credit Card where all you have to do is transfer money onto the prepay credit card and its ready to swipe out your bills, no worries about credit and no extra overhead costs.

Vision Premier Visa Prepay Credit CardVisa Prepay Credit Card is very easy to obtain, there is no lengthy paperwork to be filed and approval of this prepay credit card is always guaranteed. Activation of the card requires a fee of $9.95 but with a mail-in rebate it is usually repaid making the initiation cost nil. There is no minimum account opening amount, no application fee and no annual fee either, thereby cutting card-incurred costs by up to 70%. Also there is no loading fee for a card-holder if he/she uses direct deposit. Now usually these are the charges which make the convenience of using cards, but with prepaid visa you get to save quite a chunk of your money.

Depositing money onto the Vision Premier Visa Prepay Credit Card is a very easy process; you can make a direct deposit onto the card. You can make a transfer from your savings or checking account directly onto the card. You can also avail services like PayPal and Precash to make the deposit. There is no depositing fee, not even for PayPal and PreCash hence you don’t need to ponder much before you decide to transfer funds as you can avail this service as many times as convenient.

There is also no weekly maintenance fee if you use direct transfer and make less than 15 transactions per month. However, you will be charged $0.95 if you make a deposit via a source other then direct deposit, PayPal and PreCash. If you load money through a retailer, he may charge you for that. Also this weekly maintenance fee of $0.95 will be charged if you transactions exceed 15 in a month. There is a small fee of $1.95 for ATM use every time and also a fee for ATM balance enquiry which is usually around $0.95, which can be taken care of if you sign-up for free e-mail and text alerts about your balance which can keep you updated about all transactions happening in your Vision Premier Prepaid Visa card. Alternately you can use Vision’s live service agent which will cost an additional $1.95.

All the same, it is much cheaper than the usual check cashing services and also much more convenient as it is accepted in nearly all shopping establishments. It is also accepted on calling networks and online shopping portals where check cashing services cannot work.

As this is a pre-paid debit card, there is no question of credit here. So you need not worry about credit getting piled up and interest being charged at a high percentage so it has a zero-liability policy. Interest is not charged making you free from the burden of paying more then what you spend. No credit-check is required to obtain this card nor is the worry of credit maintenance, hence this card will not be reported to credit-agencies. Then it will also help you in taking reins of your credit which a traditional card won’t. If you have difficulty in restraining yourself while shopping, then this card can help you in curbing your spending as you can spend only the amount of money loaded on the prepay credit card plus you need not pay credit and interest.

For people who are looking for sensible and safe ways of monetary transactions without the shackles of credit and interest, Vision Premier Visa Prepay Credit CardVisa Prepay Credit Card offers just that.

Vision Premier Prepaid Credit Card at a Glance

Vision Premier Visa Prepay Credit Card
  • Guaranteed Approval – Only valid ID needed, No Credit Checks!
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Pay all your bills online with established major providers or cut a check to anyone.
  • Free unlimited purchase transactions
  • Low weekly fee’s or free with Direct Deposit
  • Free account alerts via eMail, SMS or text messages
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