Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express

Benefits of Blue Cash® Credit Card from American Express

Who would not want to earn rewards with every credit card purchase? This is the ultimate offer of the Blue Cash® from American Express that can never be surpassed by most of the popular credit card providers. The unlimited cash rewards enable a person to enjoy the ability to spend on more purchases because of being able to save on these. The big percentage of cash back rewards which can reach up to 5% on regular purchases for day to day needs such as groceries, gas, and medicine needs of the individual and the family. In the case of other purchases that are made, there is a 1.25% cash back that can be redeemed as a travel or shopping items from the partner retailers of Blue Cash® from American Express.

Another advantage of the Blue Cash® from American Express is the extended warranty on items that are being purchased as guaranteed by the US warranty. Any item that have up to five years of warranty will be provided with an additional year of coverage which would be very helpful to any shopper. This way, the credit card can be advantageous for electronic items that are frequently being used in the home or for the business or office.

This card is highly recommended for people who plan to utilize the credit card for their everyday spending needs. Instead of bringing in cash to the grocery store, these individuals can make use of their Blue Cash® from American Express to enjoy the cash back offers. However, there is a requirement that the credit card would be used for a minimum overall annual purchase of $6,500 before being awarded with the cash back. But if the card will be used regularly, the person would surely be able to attain the minimum purchase requirement.

In knowing that there is an annual purchase requirement, the credit card users are usually concerned on problems with debt. There are ways to avoid this and the most obvious one would be to make the minimum payments on time to avoid late charges. But another thing that can be done would be to pay for the entire amount that has been accumulated during the past month. The Blue Cash® from American Express can be used to pay initially for groceries while the money being saved is advised to be put aside and used to pay for the total monthly charges. In doing this, there would be no finance charges that will be billed to the credit card owner.

The Blue Cash® from American Express provides services to help its owners to make the most out of the first year of use. If the shopper opts to pay in full, there would be no interest fees that would be billed on all the purchases made. There is also an option of a no interest payment for purchases that the credit card owner promises to pay over a maximum of 12 months on a special installment basis.

Best of all, the annual fees are being waived to ensure that the Blue Cash® from American Express is enjoyed to the fullest. Purchases can be made from any where in the world because American Express is accepted and known around the world. Assistance is also provided to credit card owners any time of day and any day of the week through the Global Assist Hotline, which is also made available even while on travel.

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