Sunday, July 23, 2017

Chase Freedom Visa Card

Apply for Chase Freedom® Visa Card and Get $50 Bonus Cash Back

Due to the technology that people enjoy these days, it does not come as a surprise as to how each person would want to keep their life convenient. The convenience in living life include being able to achieve the needs of the family. However, all these needs would definitely result to the price that a person has to pay. It would be difficult for people to ensure that there is always cash at hand to pay for the needs of their family which is why they would usually turn to their credit card for some assistance.

Also, credit cards are commonly used for purchasing items that are quite pricey such as appliances, house repairs, or electronic accessories. Because of focusing themselves on merely using the credit card, some people tend to be unaware of the benefits of the Chase Freedom® Visa Card. It is a special privilege that only Chase Freedom® Visa Card holders can get to enjoy and take advantage of $50 Bonus Cash Back.

With credit cards, a person will not only be able to make purchases without needing cash, it can also be a convenient way to shop and take advantage of the special perks. The Chase Freedom® Visa Card gives even more to its credit card holders such as the bonus cash back offer after making the first purchase without any hassle. This means that upon the receipt of the card, the person owning it can instantly purchase and get the rewards. If the credit card holder purchases groceries worth seventy dollars, one will receive a $50 bonus giving over seventy percent off on the purchase.

There are also other interesting offers that credit card holders can enjoy with this card. During the first six months of usage, one can enjoy the 0% introductory APR without having to pay a single dollar for the annual fees. The cash back rewards, other than the $50 bonus, can be collected simply by using the card to make purchases. There is a 5% cash back in quarterly bonus categories like gas, home improvement, and department stores purchases until it reaches a maximum amount based on the ?????? restrictions of the terms offered. The unlimited 1% cash back can be received above the limit or when spending on other purchases. Also, the 20% additional cash back can further be enjoyed when the credit card holder opts to shop online through select merchants of Chase. Since there are a lot of merchants connected with Chase, credit card holders can make the most out of this option. In addition to the 20% cash back, the convenience of shopping online will also be something that a lot of busy people can make use of.

Plenty of people enjoy using the Chase Freedom® Visa Card rewards as their means to pay for everyday purchases such as groceries and gas. It gives more rewards compared to other credit cards that has very limited rewards program and very difficult to attain application process. Signing up for this credit card is effortless, as well, as long as the applicant is able to complete the requirements and qualify for the terms. Since most of the categories and shops that are connected with Chase, it is also very easy to collect as many points which can be instantly converted to cash back rewards letting the credit card holder see the rewards that is received every time.

Benefits of the Chase Freedom® Visa Card at a Glance

  • $50 Bonus Cash Back after making the first purchase.
  • 5% cash back in quarterly purchases.
  • 20% additional cash back by shopping online through select merchants of Chase.
  • It gives more rewards compared to other credit cards.
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