Sunday, July 23, 2017

Applied Bank Secured Visa Card

Applied Bank Secured Visa Card – The Perfect Option for People with Bad Credit

Applied Bank® Secured Visa Credit Card

Each individual who would want to have his or her own piece of plastic would need to present a bank account and credit history upon application. There are some who would not be able to achieve this requirement because of being unable to maintain the previous plastic. There are also those who are first time applicants for credit cards making it impossible for them to present a credit history. An Applied Bank Secured Visa Card is an offer that works just like regular credit cards. However, the need to have an initial deposit is necessary to match the credit limit. This deposit is an assurance that the owner will not have any problems of overspending or being unable to fit the expenditures into their budget.

There are those who are concerned about being turned down for a credit card application. This will never be a concern with the Applied Bank Secured Visa Card because application requirements are easy and attainable. Even the monthly fees and charges are easier than regular credit cards. A lot of credit card owners find it very difficult to pay on the required date due to their busy schedule or availability. The very low annual percentage rate of 12.99% that Applied Bank Secured Visa Card has will never change even if payments are made after the due date. The fixed APR applies to all purchases and card advances made.

In order to pay for the monthly charges, the Applied Bank Secured Visa Card holder has an option to make payments via personal check, money order, or cashier checks. These can be mailed directly to Applied Bank together with the account number indicated on the check. Payments may also be more conveniently done through the phone or with the online facility. Applied Bank also works in partnership with MoneyGram and Western Union Quick Collect to assist its owners with much ease. The Applied Bank Secured Visa Card also has an autopay option that allows the owner to pay their monthly minimum by automatically withdrawing the amount from their checking account.

However, there are instances when the individual fails to comply with the required payment due to reasons of sickness or emergency. Whenever this occur, the Applied Bank Secured Visa Card can provide its owner with the Payment Protection Plus program that would help in making payments with unexpected incidences of unemployment, disability, hospitalization, or important family matters.

During the application for this piece of plastic, individuals do not need to pay any set-up or application fees. Applied Bank Secured Visa Card also offers a Zero Fraud Liability ensuring its owners of their protection and security. This is also a very helpful way of building one’s credit history with the regular credit bureau reporting achieved by this facility.

The use of the Applied Bank Secured Visa Card will enable its owners to shop, dine, and pay for medical expenses, insurance dues, or bills with only just one piece of plastic. The Applied Bank Secured Visa Card is accepted in millions of locations worldwide with merchants that accept Visa. Anything that individuals would want to know about the Applied Bank Secured Visa Card may be inquired from the customer service hotline of Applied Bank or through the online facility that individuals may access in the comfort of their own homes.

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