Sunday, July 23, 2017

Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card

Reasons to Apply for Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card

If there is a need to an expensive equipment for the home, a lot of individuals worry about having to bring a big amount of money to the stores. This is because of the risk of the money getting stolen or the possibility of misplacing the money. Another problem with cash is the inability to purchase goods from online stores and websites, not to mention the need to have enough money at hand to pay for purchases being made. To free oneself from all these troubles, using credit cards is a great option giving a person the power to purchase without worries. The easiest way to get one is through the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card.

The Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card is powered by MasterCard. This credit card can be used in all merchants that accept MasterCard in the world and the Web. Other people find problems in using their credit card because of the monthly or annual fees. This credit card has a very minimal annual fee of $35 that is the lowest among the many other credit card providers.

When compared with other credit cards, Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card has the most convenient application procedures and requirements. Most credit cards would require a person to present their previous credit history before providing them with their new credit card. Because of this credit history requirement, individuals with a limited credit history, first time credit card applicants, and with history of bankruptcy cannot get a credit card. When this credit card is used, all the transactions will be reported to three major credit bureau which can help build one’s credit history.

Online application is also available to make it easier for credit card applicants. The automated assistance through the Orchard Bank website and phone will readily assist for application that will only take a few minutes. The setback, however, of the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card is the need for a minimum deposit of $200 which will become the guarantee of the card owner’s ability to pay. Since the credit history is not established, a deposit is needed. But despite this fact, the chance to build credit history will make this deposit a very small liability.

The Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card will be delivered to the home of the credit card holder. However, the account number provided upon completing application procedures can already be used to make online transactions. Even reservations for hotels, restaurants, airline tickets, and vacation cruises can be made online. With the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card at hand, the owner can now make purchases, pay bills, and transfer funds without having to bring cash making life simpler and more secured.

For individuals who are first time credit card users, the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card services will provide immediate assistance to any need. This includes the customer support services that can help credit card users in reporting lost or stolen cards, transactions, and inquiries. Credit card use is preferred by a lot of ????? people because of the security from theft and the protection from unauthorized transactions. The Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card also works the same way. In case the card gets lost or stolen, this should be reported immediately. The email and text message alerts also assists in managing transactions and reminding payment due dates.

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