Sunday, July 23, 2017

Discover Student Credit Card

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Discover® Student Card

Students can enjoy the many benefits of a student card. It puts together the convenience and freedom from any concerns while being away from home. Knowing the life of a student, it is quite clear that there is a need to purchase many items such as books, school supplies, and gadgets. To buy all these, a student does not need to stop by the ATM to get cash or ask for their parents’ help. The Discover® Student Card can assist them in any purchase they need to make. It is also very handy during times of emergency. In case the car or computer breaks down, the Discover® Student Card can be used during these instances.

Carrying cash may be difficult for students because of the dangers of it being stolen and the possibility of over spending. The Discover® Student Card will help the student to manage the account online and be protected from unauthorized transactions even if the card gets lost. Requests and inquiries may also be done by the student through the website.

The most attractive feature of the Discover® Credit Card for Students is its rewards program. Students can be able to enjoy the 5% Cashback Bonus for purchases being made on travel, food, movies, personal things, and of course, school needs. Additional Cashback Bonuses of up to 20% can be received by shopping at the exclusive Discovery online shopping mall. With this service, students can save more money and receive rewards as they purchase their needs. Rewards can be in form of partner gift cards, free merchandise, credit to the account, cash, or charity donations. These rewards accumulate and will not expire as long as the Discover® Student Card is kept active allowing the student to enjoy limitless bonuses.

As early as it is, the credit history of the student can already begin which is very important for future references. The credit history is a collection of the bank records of the person that includes borrowing money, payments, and even late payments or bankruptcy. Future needs and applications for a loan or credit card will require this information to determine the worthiness of one’s credit and the ability to pay. The Discover® Student Card will send the monthly reports of the student to major credit bureaus to assist them in these future processes.

Another advantage that students can enjoy with their Discover® Student Card is the freedom from annual fees. Most credit cards will require an annual fee to continue their services. Students can save more money because of this service. In addition, the student will also be given an introductory 0% APR during the first six months of his or her Discover® Student Card. A 12.99% to 19.99% APR will then apply thereafter.

Any student is guaranteed to get a Discover® Student Card to enjoy all these advantages. Application procedures can be completed through the website in minutes. On the application sheet, the applicant should make sure that all required field are complete in order to be approved in an instant. The personalized card will then be sent to the address specified by the student upon application. There is also an option to choose how the card would look like with the abundance of designs that the student can choose from. The student can get to pick from over a hundred Discover® Student Card designs.

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