Sunday, July 23, 2017

Continental Airlines OnePass Plus Card

Reasons to Apply for Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus Card

A lot of business and career oriented individuals would have to travel regularly to visit businesses, build connections, and attend conferences or meetings in other cities or countries. Major companies and multinational corporations even require their employees to attend career development seminars from time to time to develop their knowledge and expertise. In attending to all these, there is also a need to book for travel tickets, hotel accommodations, and pay for daily expenses.

One should be ready with a Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus card to address all these expenses needed during the trip. Some people might think that any credit card would be enough for this purpose. However, the Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus card provides as many advantages that the credit card holder can choose to avail of any time they wish.

Initially, the Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus card can already provide a 25,000 bonus after making the first purchase which is already enough for a round trip vacation to a local destination. There are various ways to earn miles through the card. Every dollar spent on any kind of purchase through retail stores, restaurants, and other merchants would automatically earn one mile. If the credit card holder purchases tickets from Continental Airline using the OnePass® Plus card, two miles will be credited into their account making the collection of rewards faster than ever. Double miles are also given when shopping with the ShopOnePassTM.

The miles that the credit card holder has collected may be redeemed for a vacation spree that includes airline tickets and hotel accommodations. When travelling frequently, the card holder can also use the rewards for upgrades to make their journey more comfortable. Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus card also provides exclusive offers that do not only mean free flights. There are also car rental and hotel rewards that can be enjoyed when exchanging the miles for the exclusive offers.

In addition to the rewards that can be redeemed in exchange for the collected miles, credit card holders are also privileged to enjoy a lot of waived fees. This includes a waived annual fee during the first year of credit card use. First check in bags are also made free every time the credit card holder flies through flights operated by Continental Airline that would amount up to ?? twenty five dollars for every flight. The Presidents Club also provides passes annually which is equivalent to a hundred dollars to celebrate their anniversary with the loyal Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus card holders. Certificates for travel discounts are also being given away which can be used by the credit card holder for a vacation or to pay for family joining them during the trip.

There are a lot of privileges that can be enjoyed with the Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus card other than the monetary incentives it can provide. The concierge services can help a tourist find the best places that they could visit when touring different cities anywhere they are in the world. Safety is an offer that people would surely love to have when travelling and the Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus card provide services such as car rental insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, and roadside assistance. Purchases are also made more secure with additional warranty coverage and fraud alerts to help assure the credit card holder of their safety and identity privacy.

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