Sunday, July 23, 2017

Escape by Discover Card

Bonus Miles Credit Card – Escape by Discover Card

Bonus Miles Credit Card - Escape by Discover Card

There are many incentives being offered by the major airlines to encourage people to travel. With this, these airline companies offer additional rewards when a person periodically travel with them. Not everyone is aware of the fact that they could double these advantages by using the right bonus miles credit card while making purchases through these airlines. Escape by Discover Card provides these additional rewards by providing its card holders with the same Miles Rewards Facility. Unlike other credit cards that offer a similar facility, Escape by Discover Card do not have airline preference, which means that individuals can travel with any airline of their choice. This would help an individual to collect more points with their favorite airline and their Discover Card. So, even if an individual chooses to book with a specific airline, travel agent, or online travel site, in order to claim additional discounts and privileges, they could still enjoy the unlimited Miles of their bonus miles credit card.

This bonus miles credit card has an annual fee of $60.00, but offers a 0% introductory purchase and balance transfer APR incentive for its clients. In addition, the unlimited double miles for every dollar being spent by the card holder will also help in collecting as many points possible each time. This means that every dollar purchase a card holder makes will be equal to two miles. This miles will be doubled once again if the card will be used to make purchases from the exclusive online shopping mall for Discover Card users. There is also a bonus miles of 1,000 every month that card holders can get to enjoy as long as the card is kept active. All these miles points may be checked and monitored from time to time through the website where card holders can redeem, balance, check, and manage their card statement or transactions anytime of the day in the comfort of their homes and offices.

In order for Escape by Discover Card holders to enjoy the services optimally, there are also additional features that their card could offer. The Escape Card has a wide array of travel features that include car rental insurance, luggage insurance, and travel delay and cancellation insurances. The Discover travel assistance also aims to help its card holders request for assistance anywhere in the world. In case of any untoward incident during the trip the individual can still feel protected even while being hundreds of miles away from home. Even the family members of Escape Card holders are kept protected with the $500,000 flight accident insurance.

While traveling abroad, individuals with the Escape by Discover Card will have the freedom to make the purchases they need without having to worry about not being able to get their money’s worth. In addition to the Miles feature, card holders can also withdraw cash through numerous ATMs world wide. The pin and other account alteration may be done online or through the customer service hotline. All transactions, whether in retail stores, online, or through phone, are ensured to be safe because of the 128 bit SSL encoding, multiple layers of firewalls, and the real time alerts through text or email so that the bonus miles credit card holder can monitor every single transaction being made. Also, transactions can be made online freeing card holders from any hassles and problems while being away. So, regardless of the purpose of their travel, an individual can fully enjoy their business trip or vacation with the help of Escape by Discover Card.

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