Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

Apply for Delta Airlines – Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card

When a person travels constantly, they need to get the assurance of their safety and security, but this would usually mean that there is a price that needs to be paid. One of the most noted airline company that can assure its travellers’ security is the Delta Airlines. The Delta Airlines – Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card combines the lucrative services of a respectable airline and the special offers that only American Express can provide. In a year, a person can collect as many rewards that would be able to give free flights for several times each year.

The offers of the Delta Airlines – Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card include the program which enables the credit card holder to collect a mile for every dollar spent. When purchasing Delta plane tickets, the miles accumulated is doubled making it faster to collect as many points to pay for an entire vacation. If one would be using their Delta Airlines – Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card for payments other than with Delta, they could still get a mile for every spent dollar.

Upon securing one’s Delta Airlines – Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card, a lot of bonuses can be received along with it. First time credit card holders can receive bonus miles that could avail of a round trip ticket around the country. Additional bonuses are given to those credit card holders who would be adding an additional card member to their account which is fxcm converted to 2,500 miles for each person. All these miles can be received after making the first purchase which can be redeemed anytime because it will never expire. These miles can be redeemed for airline tickets, hotel accommodations, or other items that can be received to Delta partners. However, it is stipulated in the conditions that a person can only earn up to 100,000 miles per year.

The interest rates that are being offered by Delta Airlines – Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card is very competitive with a very low APR of 13.24%. The annual free of $95 will be required on the second year of credit card use. Upon renewal, a complimentary economy class certificate will also be received which can be used for a companion who will accompany the credit card holder during a trip. With this credit card, its holder can make use of it any time and any where even if one has to travel to another country for business or pleasure. Any concerns may also be addressed through the AmEx’s Global Assist Hotline which can provide help regarding money, legal, medical, and travel problems that may be encountered while abroad.

Additional bonuses that come along with the Delta Airlines – Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card gives its holders the peace of mind even while far away from home. The purchases made are all covered with a damage and theft insurance which is good for up to three months. When travelling, a new benefit of being able to check in bags for free is also made available for the credit card holder and their companion enabling them to save a lot of money. All these transactions are protected and assured making the credit card holder feel secured even while travelling. An online account management tool and the mobile transaction services are special features that would allow the card holder to manage their account well.

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