Sunday, July 23, 2017

Southwest Airlines Credit Card

Why to Apply for Southwest Airlines Credit Card

Traveling for a vacation or for business will usually mean that one will be spending quite a sum of money for many things. Any kind of travel would need budget for the transportation, lodging, and food expenses which would double as the days pass. When going out of the country, having enough foreign cash is also necessary because this is the only way that needs can be paid for while being away. Nevertheless, it is good to know that the Southwest Airlines Credit Card, one of the best miles credit card, can help travelers do away with all these problems.

Owning a credit card that one can use while traveling would also mean that they would be coming back home to pay for the growing expenses incurred. This would also mean having to pay for the enormous additional fees that come with using their credit card abroad. These kinds of concerns do not have to be a problem with the Southwest Airlines Credit Card because it offers a very minimal annual fees of $39 to $59 depending on the type of credit. The APR of this credit card is only 14.24% which is quite small when compared to other credit cards that are designed for traveling purposes.

But despite the charges that the credit card member needs to pay monthly, the rewards that accompany the use of Southwest Airlines Credit Card will provide its holder with the abundance of benefits. By simply using the cards anywhere, reward points will accumulate which could be good for a free flight offer. When shopping in partner establishments, the reward points will even be doubled allowing the credit card holder to redeem that would even be more than enough to cover for the expenses for an entire vacation.

For those who would wish to own their Southwest Credit Card, there is a need to review the credit report and the information forwarded online or through the telephone application. Depending on the information provided, an option of getting the Classic or Signature card will be provided for the applicant. The most important requirement is that the card applicant should at least be eighteen years of age at the time of request. However, Alabama and Nebraska credit card applicants need to be nineteen years old before qualifying for a Southwest Airlines Credit Card.

The Southwest Airlines Credit Card is powered by Chase, a quality provider of credit cards in the country. In enrolling for a Rapid Rewards Program, the card holder can simply click on the link found in the website or by calling the Southwest Airlines Reservations. The enrollment for this rewards program has very quick and easy steps that help instruct what has to be done. Immediately after, points can already be collected with every credit card use.

The Southwest Airlines Credit Card would best fit a person who travels constantly because a free flight can be redeemed after eight round trips within the course of two years. Other than this option, the card holder also earns points when using the credit card for car rentals, hotel reservations, dining, and shopping. To earn double reward points, flying with Southwest Airline and Rapid Rewards hotel, car rental, and retail partners will help build the credit earnings faster. A point for every dollar spent will apply for other purchases made anywhere in the world.

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