Sunday, July 23, 2017

United Mileage Plus Visa Credit Cards

Benefits of United Mileage Plus® Visa Credit Cards

A lot of credit card providers can offer individuals with the services that they need in order to make the savings that they wish for. There are different purposes and reasons why people apply for the credit cards that they make use of. Usually they would simply want to have a convenient way to purchase their daily needs without having to carry cash because of the risk of misplacing ?? the money or having it stolen. Another reason for credit cards would be having the chance to buy things in case the need arises even if one do not have the amount readily at hand. With the United Mileage Plus® Visa Credit Cards, individuals can get to enjoy more benefits rather than the usual reasons for getting one because of the special offers that is being launched from time to time.

Upon applying for a United Mileage Plus® Visa Credit Cards today, one can receive a bonus of 30,000 miles which is enough for a round trip ticket to anywhere in the United States. In addition to this a $50 United Airline discount coupon is provided that can be claimed after the first purchase. The first year holds a lot of conveniences for people because of the annual fee will be waived at this time. After this period, the annual fee of $95 needs to be paid through the credit made to the account.

Earning miles with United Mileage Plus® Visa Credit Cards is as easy as one, two, three because one can earn up to three miles for every purchase of a United Airlines ticket. Other purchases and payments made using the card such that of the gas, groceries, food, and other items or equipment for the home will get two points for each dollar spent. The same goes for any Star Alliance purchase.

In case the credit card is used for other purposes like paying for the monthly bills, insurance premiums, or gifts, one mile is accumulated. This only means that the more the credit card is used, more miles is collected into the account. Additional bonus miles of up to 5,000 are awarded to individuals who can qualify to the Elite Qualifying Miles which is given every year. In a course of a year, an individual might be able to collect miles that can be redeemed as a vacation package as their own personal reward for a busy year.

Holders of the United Mileage Plus® Visa Credit Cards can redeem their miles in many ways. The most popular way of redeeming for the accumulated miles is by purchasing for flights without having to worry about blackout dates or capacity controls. These miles can be used wherever an individuals would want to go, whether to another state or another country. It can also be used to pay for the entire cost of the flight or just part of the airline ticket.

Another way to redeem miles from the United Mileage Plus® Visa Credit Cards is getting branded merchandise from Callaway, Canon, Kitchen Aid, Samsung, and so many more. Hotel accommodations and car rentals are also possible freebies that can be enjoyed with the miles accumulated in one’s United Mileage Plus® Visa Credit Cards. The credit card holder can decide for himself or herself how they would want to make use of their mileage points.

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